Nangaramoan Beach Santa Ana, Cagayan

Santa Ana Cagayan is a land full of opportunities. It is not only known for its online casino’s but also of the many breathtaking places, one of it is Nangaramoan Beach. From its crystal blue water, rock formations and white coral beach, to the lush green forest, the place is just screaming beauty. 
If you’ve been to Anguib beach before, Nangaramoan is just beside it. When Anguib was made private by the owners, Nangaramoan was opened to the public. No entrance fees are collected, you just need to pay for the cottages if you want to use one and also if you want to use their CR.
View from the road before going down Nangaramoan Beach.
Nangaramoan Beach is field of rock formations and taking pictures with it is fun.
Beautiful rock formations near the shore
The beach is good for swimming during high tide but not during low tide.
If you want your stay to be worthwhile, you should visit it for a whole day to experience the high tide for swimming and low tide to collect shells and take advantage in taking pictures with the rock formations.

13 thoughts on “Nangaramoan Beach Santa Ana, Cagayan

  1. i can’t find any website of nangaramoan beach. any contact number for reservation. plan to stay overnite w/ the whole family of 10 adults 8 kids on the 13th of july. thanks a lot

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply, nangaramoam is an open beach with different lodgings/inns where u can stay. For reservations, im afraid i wont be able to help you there since i don’t have their contact numbers.

    • Better to stay in Nangaramoan since they have cottages/huts there, also you can reached Nangaramoan by land unlike Punta Verde where you need to go by boat. Hope this helps!

      • Yes it did! We’re planning to go to Tuguegarao-Palaui in two weeks time. I just hope that the weather will be great on those dates. Thanks again! Your blog was very informative. Keep it up! 😊

  2. i love the place. very relaxing. just wanna ask how far is the nearest hotel/inn from nangaramoan beach. and when you said that pwedeng magovernight. that means over night sa cottage na irerent namin?

    • Hi gerald, nangaramoan is 30mins away by land from the nearest hotels/inns and yes, most of the cottages there also offers overnight stay. When you get there, try to scout the place first before renting any cottage so you can choose which one is right for your taste and budget as well…

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