Exploring Palaui Island

I’ve visited Cape Engano on Palaui Island twice already and this trip was supposed to be the third time. During our trip, PAGASA declared storm signal No. 2 in Cagayan so we were not allowed by the coast guard to Cape Engano Lighthouse but instead to the nearer side of Palaui Island which is only 10-15 minutes away by boat. 

our ride to Palaui Island
palaui island i love love*
Since some of us has already been on this side of the island, we decided to hike our way to Cape Engano. After talking to a tour guide, he told us that going to Cape Engano will take  3-4 hours and also a storm is coming so the trail will be harder to walk through. He suggested that if we want to see something new then we can just go to a near water falls which is only 45 minutes to 1 hour away. Since we didn’t have a choice, we went hiking to the falls (which i forgot the name). 
There are three (3) trails on the island that are open to tourists – (1) Siwangag Trail highlights the primary forest of the island, (2) Leonardo’s Trail(the one we went through), named after the late taxonomist Leonard Co, is a five-kilometer (5km) trail that traverses a forest area rich in unique, rare and threatened species of flora, (3) the Lagunzad Trail, named after the late ecologist Dr. Dan Lagunzad, features a seven-kilometer (7km) tapestry of ecosystems, such as a mangrove forest, a beach forest, seagrass meadows, grassland and an ultra-basic forest. 
Hanging bridge along the trail..

the jungle*

climbing the upper part of the mini falls..

The trail was tiring but was not hard to go through. The water in the falls was very cold and clean but there was no area deep enough for swimming, although you can bathe below the water falls. 

I was relaxed by the quietness of the forest and amazed by the beauty of it.

Walking is a good exercise and having to burn some calories was a bonus for the trip. I’m a nature lover and this experience was just what i needed.

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