Manidad Island, Santa Ana Cagayan

Manidad Island, sometimes called Crocodile Island, is a small rock formation located in Santa Ana, Cagayan. It lies between Palaui Island and Mapurao Island. This small rock island is formed like a sleeping crocodile that disappears during high tide. The island is surrounded by wide coral reefs where aquarium fishes, seaweeds and grasses grow. During low tide, fisherman gathers sea urchins, clams and seaweeds in this area. It takes about five minutes to reach the island from San Vicente Port, Santa Ana Cagayan.
My first trip to Manidad Island was way back 2008. When we were on our way home from Anguib Beach, we stop by this small island and took some photos.

Climbing the top of the rock formation was a little hard but all worth it. The view was great and you can see all the surrounding islands from it.
My second trip to Manidad was yet another stop over from our trek to Palaui Island. Palaui Island is just 5 minutes away from this island.
The weather looked great during our second visit but Santa Ana was actually under Storm Signal #2 so we didn’t stay long, just took some photos.

If you need information on how to visit this island, you can check out Santa Ana Cagayan’s facebook page:

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