Philippines Top Destinations

The Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands. The three main groups of islands are the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippines has one of Asia’s finest Beaches. Our beaches have white sands that are very smooth and comforting to the feet. 
One of the Philippines best beaches is Boracay. Located 345 kilometers south of Manila in Aklan province is the world renowned island of Boracay. Two principal gateways namely Caticlan and Kalibo Airport provides air access going to the island from Manila or Cebu. The Island of Boracay is a paradise. It is wide and stretches on for kilometers and boasts of its white sand.

The Hundred Islands off the coast of Lucap, Alaminos in Pangasinan is a cluster of islands and islets so many and yet so near each other. Motorized bancas take visitors between islets. Quezon Island is the most frequented beacuse of its facilities. The place is ideal for swimming, boating and snorkling. 

Mactan Island – the queen city of the South, Cebu, also has its fair share of great beaches. One of them is the so called Mactan Island. It is a tropical island resort. It provides tourist with great entertainment such as night life activities that will spice up the visit. 
El Nido – the palce has been known as the country’s last frontier and Palawan – the Island of the Gods. This place offers great beaches that will take you away from the urban life. This place is the best to visit if you are looking for complete peace and quiet. Aside from the magnificent beach, the place offers a sight of the beautiful seascapes, towering marble cliffs and variety of tropical birds.
Pagudpud – if you’re looking for a place that can be like Hawaii, Pagudpud is the place to visit. The strong winds and waves can be compared to that of Hawaii which makes this place often visited by surfers. Pagudpud also has long continuous white sands and inviting beach waters for people looking to just swim. Compared to Boracay, this place is more secluded.
Camiguin – the palce has been known to be one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines because it still seems like a paradise. Some people even consider the palce the “Garden of Eden” in the country. Camiguin has a great topography that includes waterfalls, and the hot and cold springs. The place will be mesmerizing and will definitely tempt you to go back.
The Philippines also offer great aquatic life where one can see various fishes. The place you  can go to is Tubbataha Reef in Palawan.
The Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park is a sanctuary (government – protected conservation area) consisting of over 1000 species of marine creatures and birds. The Reef is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most popular Philippine diving site for tourists. The Tubbataha Reef has two coral reef atolls, the North and South Atoll. The Park can be reached via boat travel of 10 to 12 hours which is about 112 miles from Puerto Princesa city, the capital of Palawan province.
The Mt Apo Reef Natural Park in Occidental Mindoro is the second largest coral reef system in the world after the Great Barrier Reef system in Queensland, Australia. The park is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Various marine species live in the reef area including corals, fishes, seaweeds, algae and mangrove trees. The park can be reached by means of boat in about 2 hours from the island of Mindoro, a distance of 20 miles.
The Philippines also provide tourist with abundant white water actions like kayaking and other white water runs because of its landscape. Surfers also enjoy the great waves that are found in Tuason Point, Cloud 9, Cemento, and Majestic. They all rank among the world’s best.
If you would want to see whales and swim along with them you can try going to Donsol, Sorsogon. It was discovered in 1997 that a number of whale sharks had been visiting this small village.
The Chocolate Hills of Bohol are a spectacular natural wonder in the Philippines. It consists of nearly 1800 small cute little hills that are spread over an area of 20 square miles. The hills are located in 3 towns of Bohol namely Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. A viewing station is available in the government resort Chocolate Hills Complex in the town of Carmen, Bohol which is a distance of about 34 miles from Tagbilaran City. Sagbayan Peak Mountain Resort offers an alternative viewing station of the world-renowned and popular Chocalate Hills in the town of Sagbayan, a distance of 47 miles from Tagbilaran City.
Mayon Volcano has a worldwide reputation as the most perfectly formed volcano in the world because of its near-perfect conical shape and form. Mayon Volcano is the champion among the best competitors for the world’s most perfectly coned volcanoes like Osorno Volcano of Chile, Mount Fuji of Japan, Mount Taranaki of New Zealand, Mount Cotopaxi of Ecuador, Volcan Arenal of Costa Rica and Shishaldin Volcano of Alaska, USA. Because of its natural elegance and beauty, it is listed on the World’s Top 10 Wonders of Nature. Visitors traveling to Mayon Volcano from Manila would take an hour by plane getting to Legazpi City then 10 miles north of Legazpi city is the magnificent Mayon Volcano, the most popular landmark of the province of Albay, Philippines.
The Rice Terraces in Banaue are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Approximately during the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth (over 2000 years ago), the native people of Ifugao began carving the terraces of the mountains using merely their bare hands and sticks from the trees in the forests. The terraces were carved mainly to provide an area of land suitable for planting rice which is the staple food of most Filipinos whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, rice is always served and eaten with the main dish. The rainforests above the mountains act as a natural irrigation system used to water the rice plants. The terraces are 7 hours of travel by car (50 miles) from Baguio city, the summer capital of the Philippines. Travelling from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, it would take a total of 12 hours to reach the terraces, a distance of about 205 miles.
The Philippines also boast of a variety of flora and fauna that can only be found in their country. One animal is the largest eagle in the world called the monkey eating eagle, but it has since been renamed as the Philippine Eagle. This eagle can be seen in the wilds of Quezon, Samar and Davao. You can also find the smallest mammal in existence called the Philippine tarsier during nights at the forests of Bohol. There is also an island called Calauit Island, where one can run with Philippine animals and endangered African species.




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