My Hometown: Fiesta Patronal

fiesta [fɪˈɛstə (Spanish) ˈfjesta]
    1. a religious festival or celebration, esp on a saint’s day
    2. a holiday or carnival

As i was going home to what i thought was another boring vacation in my hometown, i found out that it was our fiesta.

As a child, i’ve always love going to the carvinal during fiesta. I would play the usual games and of course ride the rides over and over. Growing up i stop going to it because it seemed boring already, every year they had same old rides, same old games. 

This year was different! Although it still seemed boring for me, they had different rides, rides that i never ridden before. I got excited a lil , so i asked my sisters to go to and try out the new rides. 

Bump-car ride
Ok, ok, i have tried this before but it was the first time they had it in our small town. Enjoyed the bumpy ride but it was only like 5 minutes. 40php for 5 minutes, not worth it!

The Dirty Pancake =)
Oh i miss this… my sisters and i super love this when we were little. The taste already changed but i still love the numerous margarine and sugar in it. 

What the F!?
Our town is building this huge monument and the lower part is still under construction. I wonder what this looks like when it’s finish.

My cute sister and her buddy having “LQ” =)

Then they were friends again..

The Vortex!
This one i enjoyed. I was smiling the whole time during the ride but It never got my heart raising. too bad.


When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood. ~Sam Ewing

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