Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

Laoag City is known to be the Sunshine City or City of Lights of the Philippines, it has a perfect blend of traditional and modern lifestyle, a fusion of Spanish and Ilocano heritage . Laoag is an Ilokano word meaning “bright” that highlights the provinces’ tourism, education, commerce and trade of Northern Luzon. 

When i went to Laoag with Dave we did not plan anything before going. For our accommodation we just ask the bus driver on where to stay and because of that we end up on a crappy hotel. The next morning we transferred to La Elliana Hotel which way way better than the first hotel. Lesson learned: plan ahead before a trip so time won’t be wasted.

One of the pamahiin or beliefs of Filipinos is when you visit a church for the first time you have to pray and make a wish then your wish will come true. We visited two churches during our stay in Laoag namely St. William’s Cathedral and Paoay church.

St. William’s Cathedral is an early 17th century Philippine church. Dedicated to San Guillermo or St. William the Hermit, the city’s patron saint, the cathedral has a distinctive elaborate façade in the Italian Renaissance style. It has a bell tower less than a hundred meters away which is known as the Sinking Bell Tower.

Inside St William Cathedral

Stop by the chapel for a short prayer and of course to make a wish.

The centuries old bell tower of 45metres in height was built by the Augustine Friars in 1612 and is one of the tallest and most massive building in the country. The tower has earned its “sinking” reputation because it is so heavy and it was build on sandy foundations that it has consistently sunk into the ground.

Paoay Church (also known as the St. Augustine Church in Paoay) is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the Philippine Revolution in 1898, its coral stone bell tower was used by the Katipuneros as an observation post.

The second church we visited on the trip, i also got to make a second wish.


The lake is composed of natural of fresh water, where over 300 crop farmers are provided with irrigation to supply water for their crops.

Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino, the only 5-star resort in Northern Luzon.

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