Palaui Island – Santa Ana, Cagayan

Santa Ana Cagayan is not only known as Game Fishing hub of the Philippines or for Cagayan Special Economic Zone which host casinos and other gaming facilities but also for the breathtaking beaches and historical landmarks like Palaui Island.

Before going to this island all i heard was it is a good snorkeling site. Never saw any pictures of it so i never really knew what to expect. During my first visit with friends last May 2010, i thought we were the only people on the island. It was very serene and peaceful, the waves were calm and the water was very inviting.

Palaui is famous for its centuries-old Faro de Cabo Engano (Cape Engano Lighthouse) built by the Spaniards in the early 18th century. Going up there was very tiring but the view from the top made it all worth it. The crystal blue water, lush green forest and treacherous tides over the cliff below was simply…BREATHTAKING! Cape Engaño lighthouse also has an excellent view of its surrounding area, one of which is the Dos Hermanas Island.

My admiration for this place has no end, there’s a lot more to be discovered. Palaui’s beautiful coral beach and its rugged mountain landscapes, this island have its unique charm and diversity that is so appealing it makes you wanna come back.
A year after, i came back to Palaui to shoot for a photography contest organized by CEZA. Proud to say that our group, who individually participated, ALL got in the top 20 and each won a prize.
For Information on how to visit this place:

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